Teach na Miasa

Croagh Patrick Visitor Centre at the Foot of the Holy Mountain

Rolling Sun Phenomenon

For centuries Croagh Patrick has been a very spiritual site for people around the world, but locals have been baffled by a mysterious rock to the east of the site. The rock, which is know locally as St. Patrick's Chair, contains etching, dating back to the Bronze Age. While these sketchings further intensified the mysteriousness of the rock, the local Westport Historical Society finally uncovered the mystery.

Following a yearlong case study they identified that on April 18th and August 24th, the sun sets on the summit of sacred Croagh Patrick, and instead of passing behind it slides down the side of the mountain hense the “rolling sun’. In doing so it give the wonderful impression of the Sun Rolling down the mountain, a sight not to be missed. While theories of a solstice have been dismissed, it is thought that the dates signified the beginning and end of the growing season. A small group of people gather to see the natural phenomenon take place at both occasions in the year.